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FlatUI - Simple and beautiful theme for ruTorrent

Looking for a flat and awesome ruTorrent (rTorrent WebUI) theme?

FlatUI will give you:

  • A Borderless design
  • Nice icons
  • Just a bit more easy, then using it on a tablet?

This is the theme you’re looking for :-)!

Todo’s (Sometime before 2020)

  • Cleaning up (images etc.)
  • Toggle-buttons

Please let me know, if you find areas, where the style is missing. Just make a issue, and please let me know your current version of ruTorrent and rTorrent. Remember to add a link, if the issues is with a specific plugin. Screenshots of the issue, will be much appreciated.





How to use

  • Install the theme plugin.
  • Copy the master of git, or clone it if you like.
  • Add it to the “themes” folder, located in you’re ruTorrent installation under plugins > theme.
  • Change theme in ruTorrent settings.

Lazy-script for adding the themes

Navigate to the themes folder ({rutorrentdir}/plugins/theme/themes) before running the script!
Make sure curl and git is installed before running below command.

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The lazy-script will move all themes to the current location, and remove the folder called "FlatUI".


2nd of the lines, is colored at the screenshots. It's missing here?...

Please navigate to the ruTorrent options, and enable "Alternative list background colour"

Colorrequests & Tips and other requests

  • Need another color-version of FlatUI theme? Just make a report with the color scales, and i will try to fix it and add it to the repo.
  • Need styling for a specific plugin to ruTorrent? Please let me know. Just create a new issue, and i will give it a look.
  • Looking for a mobile-theme? I really recommend you to use this plugin, by xombiemp.

Other themes

Thanks to

  • rTorrent and ruTorrent
  • FontAwesome
  • GoogleFonts