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+A system for handling single-signon authentication across multiple web apps under apache.
+You create a simple signin system that take your user's authentication credentials (username, password, whatever)
+and compares it to your user database. It then mints a signed cookie containing the username and a list of 'roles'.
+A mod_perl layer then checks this cookie for every request, allowing or denying it based on a set of rules where
+different URL regexps require different users or roles. It then exposes the username and roles of the authenticated
+user to the underlying applications via environment variables and request headers.
+Because it sits in the Apache layer, you can use it to control access to multiple applications - svn browsers, wikis,
+bug trackers, database admin tools, deploy tools, monitoring, pastebins, logs, etc.
+1. Copy all the files in the <code>mod_perl</code> folder to somewhere on your server that Apache can read from.
+2. Adjust values in <code></code> to match your setup.
+3. Modify the path in <code></code>.
+4. Modify the config path at the bottom of <code></code>.
+5. Modify the path in <code>god_auth.conf</code>.
+6. Symlink <code>god_auth.conf</code> into <code>/etc/httpd/conf.d</code> (or your local equivalent).
+Patches to make this less path-edity are welcome. Setting an environment variable in <code></code>
+is probably a good approach.
+1. Setup the login webapp.
+2. But it's not done yet...

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