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Flamework is the semi-fictional framework that powers It's less of an actual framework and more of a design philosophy. None of the code in this project is actually taken from Flickr, but is rather a reconstruction of the way we built things there and the way we continue to build things now.

This library is a work in progress. While it basically works, it's lacking lots of the bits it really needs. As we pull these parts from other projects (and I've built most parts 10 times over by now), it'll start to take better shape. If you have stuff you want to add, fork, commit and file a pull-request.

Installation - As a base for a new project

  • Copy everything in www to a web server running Apache with mod_php and php5-mcrypt.
  • Enable AllowOverrides all for the root.
  • Copy include/config.php.example to include/config.php and edit it.
  • Ensure that the templates_c directory can be written to by your webserver.
  • Load the schema into mysql: mysql -uwww -Dflamework -p < schema/db_main.schema

That might be it.

If you'd like to use Flamework as an external library, read this.

Other documentation

Libraries & Tools

There are several drop-in external libraries for common tasks:

Aaron has created several starter configurations for using delegated auth:

And some random odds and ends:

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