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Really simple module to decide wether a a date string is considered "obsolete" or not.

Given a time-string like 2010-01-01 it will return True if this date should not be retained, or False if it should.

Other time strings can be used by specifying a different format string (see strftime and strptime for the detailed syntax)

Example Usage:

from retaindate import is_obsolete
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

for i in range(10*365, -1, -1):
    date = - timedelta(i)
    if not is_obsolete(date):
        print date

More practical example (removing old backup files):

from retaindate import is_obsolete
from os import listdir
from os.path import abspath, join
from datetime import datetime
from time import strptime
from subprocess import call
import sys

for line in listdir(sys.argv[1]):
        then = datetime(*strptime(line, '%Y-%m-%d')[0:6])
        if is_obsolete(then):
            path = join(abspath(sys.argv[1]), line)
            print "removing %s" % path
            call(['rm', '-rf', path])
    except ValueError:
        print >>sys.stderr, "Invalid date string: %r" % line

See the module docs (or the source) for more details