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Project State


TimeSense is a project for a mobile device allowing you to keep track of time without the need to look at the clock.

The idea originates from wrist-watches which can be configured to beep every hour.


You have to leave in about one hour. You head off to the shower, knowing that you lose track of time in there. You set up timesens to notify you (f.ex. via a beep) every 15 minutes.

Requirements Brainstorm

  • Beep on absolute or relative times.


    When starting the timer on 11:13 and setting it up to beep each 10 minutes, it will beep at 11:20, 11:30, 11:40, ...


    When starting the timer on 11:13 and setting it up to beep each 10 minutes, it will beep at 11:23, 11:33, 11:43, ...

  • Optional granularity

    Notify every x seconds/minutes/hours/days

    Granularity will affect the application timer to conserve battery power (if that even makes sense...)

  • Stop conditions

    Stop after x seconds/minuts/hours/days or after x iterations

  • Optional popup-message displaying current time, passed time and iterations

  • Optional screen flash, forcing screen wakeup and displaying the current time, the passed time since start and number of iterations. This is for environments too noisy to hear the beeps (f.ex.: in-game using headphones)

  • Selection of built-in audible notifications. Optionally using the system notifications.

  • Audible distinction of number of iterations (f.ex.: beep 5 times on iteration #5). Possibly using special sound-files if iterations become too large. For example, instead of beeping 20 times, beep 4 times using a sound-effect indicating 5-iterations.