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A very simple tool organising wallpapers by dimensions. It takes one input folder and one output folder as parameter.

Inside the output folder, it will create subfolders like "1024x768", "1920x1080", ... representing the image resolutions

Alternatively, it can also produce folders representing the image aspect ratio (for example: 4@3). It uses @ instead of the conventional : to stay compatible with windows.

The images in the input folder will be moved into the corresponding folders.

Run wpclassifier --help for the command-line help.


You can install the package either by using pip or the default python interpreter. It is also possible to install it into a virtualenv.

The respective commans are:

[/path/to/virtualenv/bin/]python install


pip install [-E /path/to/virtualenv] -e .

Dependencies will automatically fetched as needed.


On windows the dependency resolution may fail if you have no C compiler installed. In this case, look into the file to locate the dependencies and download and install these packages manually.

The main executable will be placed in the proper place (/usr/local/bin, /path/to/virtualenv/bin, C:\Python\scripts) automatically.

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