A sandbox where I experiment with audio streaming
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HTML5 Audio Sandbox

This project is a small tool in which I experiment with audio streaming alternatives. The goal is to have the same audio-content sent/streamed to multiple targets.

The overall design is to have a single data "generator" where optional "consumers" can hook to. After a consumer hooked itself into the generator, the generator will start providing data to this consumer.

This is a rewrite of an initial, promising attempt. The main problems I had in the initial attempt were the following:

  • When a web-request came in, for some reasons, two consumers were added. The source of this is still unknown.
  • I had no means to detect when a consumer has gone away. Especially in the case of a web client. One idea is to make the web-client send heartbeats to the server. If no heartbeat has been recieved in a set amount of time, the consumer will be disconnected.

Thinks that I will not (yet) tackle are:

  • transcoding
  • file management (initially I'll take files as application parameters)
  • Audio metadata
  • any form of visual design