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iOS Apps


  • Apollo - Sleek client for browsing reddit. Better than the official app.
  • Spark - A better email client.


  • Feedly - Subscribe to feeds of different publications to stay on top of their articles.
  • Noizio - Ambient sound player. I like to mix "Summer Night" and "October Rain" to relax and focus.
  • Overcast - Great way to listen to podcasts.
  • Strong - Simple app for tracking weight lifting workouts. Integrates with Apple Health.


  • Khan Academy - Interactive courses for a wide variety of subjects.
  • Tinycards - Cool flashcards app by the same people as Duolingo.


  • Authy - Two-factor auth app. Use this as much as possible for extra security!
  • Wipr - The best ad blocker for iOS I've used.
  • Wolfram Alpha - A "computational knowledge engine" able of intelligently performing a lot of types of calculations.