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macOS Apps

My preferred lapto/desktop OS is macOS. Simply put, it provides the best user experience while still offering enough under-the-hood customizability. And in an era when more is done in virtual machines and containers, it makes a good host OS.


  • Caprine - Best desktop Facebook Messenger client I've used.
  • Flume - Fairly minimalist Instagram client that is an absolute joy to use.
  • Signal - Popular chat app with encrypted messages.
  • Spark - My favorite email client for macOS. Also, its logo is a lot better than's which is a relic of Apple's skeumorphic years.
  • TweetFast - Easy way to write tweets from the menu bar of the Mac.


  • Alfred - Spotlight, but even better. With the Powerpack, you can install workflows that make Alfred a versatile tool that can offer an easy command line-esque interface while still providing graphical, real-time feedback.
  • Focus - Though I have a substantial social media presence, if I get too caught up in the goings-on there, I can spend hours that later feel wasted scrolling through things. Focus lets you temporarily block websites and apps that distract you.
  • Noizio - Ambient sound player. I like to mix "Summer Night" and "October Rain" to relax and focus.
  • Reeder - How I browse my news feeds (using Feedly, but it supports others!)
  • Ulysses - Great tool for keeping track of your writing and getting a distraction-free workspace.
  • Zotero - Academic research organization tool that I used to track peer reviewed research.


  • DeskApp - Desktop YouTube player. Enables better integration with AirPlay, media keys, etc.
  • IINA - The app that made me finally ditch VLC. The user experience feels so much more Mac-y.
  • OpenEmu - A ROM/ISO library manager library that has built-in emulators for a lot of older consoles.


  • Dash - API documentation browser.
  • Expressions - Handy tool I use for testing and debugging RegEx expressions.
  • Insomnia - An incredibly useful API debugging tool.
  • Medis - Well-designed tool for managing the key/value pairs in a Redis store.
  • Robo 3T - Though the more feature-rich Studio 3T might appeal more to some, I love that Robo 3T is a cleanly designed, to-the-point way to work with Mongo databases.
  • SnippetsLab - Great for little bits of code that might be useful in other contexts and projects.
  • Visual Studio Code - Yeah, yeah, it's a Microsoft product, but this is my favorite lightweight coding editor.


  • Bartender - Organize your menu bar icons.
  • Cascadea - User styles add-on for Safari.
  • Paste - Clipboard history and cloud syncing between devices.
  • Rocket - Lets you quickly and naturally type emojis everywhere.
  • SwiftDefaultApps - Lets you manage what opens what.
  • Transmission - Free and lightweight BitTorrent client.
  • Typeface - A better alternative to the built-in font book on macOS.
  • Wipr - Ad/malware blocker for Safari that makes the browser a lot snappier to boot.

Command Line

  • Brew - The easiest way to install stuff through the command line.
  • Hyper - Sleeker Terminal with support for skinning and plugins.
  • NVM - Install and switch between Node versions from the command line.
  • Yarn - Does a better job of npm dependency management than npm's own CLI tool.