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EXLskills A$AP GraphQL Server with NodeJS and MongoDB Course!

This is the EXLskills free and open-source GraphQL Server with NodeJS and MongoDB A$AP Course! It's a highly-accelerated open course that's best-suited for people with IT developer background in "legacy" technologies to quickly get up to speed with the content of the modern IT Dev Tool Chest, learn a concrete marketable hot skill and hit the ground running again! After this course, you'll be able to apply modern development practices to building and deploying sophisticated backend software on popular platforms with huge demand for skilled resources! Convert your "legacy" experience into a hot modern skill A$AP. Get comfortable with Docker, container orchestration, Git, and dive into JavaScript code implementing a complete GraphQL server in NodeJS over MongoDB. On your laptop and in the Cloud.

About EXLskills

EXLskills is on a mission to change education with an open-source online digital skills learning, certification, and peer-to-peer instruction platform that is committed to offering premium-quality courseware for 100% free via our open-source courseware methodology. The contents of this repository are developed using the EXL Open Courseware Standard and are then imported/pushed to with the eocsutil tool. This process is 100% transparent, free, and open-source.

Make Money by Sharing Your Skills

Open source courseware contributions are absolutely critical to the success of the mission, yet we all have to keep the lights on... To this end, we offer a peer-to-peer instruction (tutoring-like) conversational interface that learners can use to have their questions answered by a certified EXLskills instructor. As a certified instructor, you choose your own hours, topics, and even your own rate! You can use the mobile instructor chat app (powered by Intercom) to answer questions on-the-go, or use the web application to go deep with learners via chat, screen share, and video! For more information on how to become an instructor and receive your cash sign-up bonus, visit our instructor page.


This course is designed, maintained, and accessed through the EOCS (EXL Open Courseware Standard) format. To learn more about this interoperable standard, please refer to the documentation.


All contributions in the form of pull-requests and issues are welcome and greatly appreciated :)


We are always working on translating this course to other languages to make it accessible to as many people around the world as we can. To open work on a new language, please create an issue in this repository for the maintainers to gauge interest and we will start a translation branch.


The content of this project itself, including, but not limited to the content of all .md (Markdown) and .yaml (YAML) files included in this project, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, and all of the source code provided alongside the content, including, but not limited to to the .java (Java) files, is licensed under the source code license provided in the file included in the same directory as this notice.

If you have any questions regarding the license, please contact

Enterprise / Commercial Licensing & Support

For enterprise licenses and/or support, please send an email enquiry to


Use Case Driven Course to Learn Professional Backend Development Skills fast, with coverage of a complete modern Stack




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