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jQuery ripple plugin
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Material ripple effects for jQuery, Inspired by Angular Material Design , this plugin contains the ripple animation for buttons and links

Angular version




  • jQuery



$ npm install lv-ripple

or Bower

$ bower install lvRipple


Various examples:


Search all ripple inside page


Initialize element or a group of elements


Other command:

Show all active ripple


Enable/Disable element ripple


Update option of ripple


Destroy element ripple


Save instance and use command

var instance = $(selector).ripple();
instance.update(); // update option
instance.element(); // get element


Create directive with Element:


or with Class:

<a href="#" class="ripple"></ripple>

or with Attibute:

<a href="#" data-ripple></ripple>


<a href="#" ripple></ripple>

Add material button with box-shadow:

<ripple class="r-raised"></ripple>

Icon element:

<ripple class="r-icon"></ripple>

Fab element:

<ripple class="r-round r-raised"></ripple>

Disabled ripple

<ripple r-disabled></ripple>

or Disabled hover and active

<ripple clas="r-int-disabled"></ripple>

or Disabled all element:

<ripple class="disabled"></ripple>

Custom light color

<ripple r-light></ripple>

Custom ripple color

<ripple r-color="#fff"></ripple>

Custom ripple opacity

<ripple r-opacity="#f00"></ripple>

Ripple in-front (overink)

<ripple class="r-overink"></ripple>

Prevent ink for specific element and children

	<div class="r-noink">
		I hate ink
		I love ink

General Options

		rippleOpacity: .2,
		rippleDelay: 100

Ripple Opacity (rippleOpacity):

For all element

Ripple Incremental (rippleDelay):

This is the delay of exit animation of ink


Version 0.0.3:

Fix double fire mobile event

Version 0.0.2:

Fix array type (from jQuery to JS)

Version 0.0.1:

Create plugin

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