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Win32k Exploit by Grant Willcox
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exodusintel Chrome Chain Demo: CVE-2019-0808 and CVE-2019-5786
Exploits by Grant Willcox (Windows) and István Kurucsai (Chrome)
Latest commit c95c812 May 17, 2019

CVE-2019-5786 and CVE-2019-0808 Chrome 72.0.3626.119 stable Windows 7 x86 exploit chain.

This exploit uses site-isolation to brute-force CVE-2019-5786. host1_wrapper/iframe.html is the wrapper script that loads the exploit repeatedly into an iframe. The actual chain resides in the host2_single_run directory. The sandbox escape exploit for CVE-2019-0808 is in the file host2_single_run/shellcode.js, converted from its .dll form via [sRDI][] and msfvenom.

  • serve the contents of the host1_wrapper directory on one site and the contents of host2_single_run on another
  • change line 14 in host1_wrapper/iframe.html to the URL of host2_single_run/exploit.html
  • navigate to iframe.html
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