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The ExO Toolkit

In this repository you will find a set of community created open sources tools with with you assit you in becomming and ExO.

These tools are free to use, share, and distributed. They are licensed individually under creative commons. Please note the licensing and provide appropriate attribution to the tool creators as you use and display these tools in your work.

ExO Canvas

  • ExO Canvas


  • MTP Development Tool


  • Staff on Demand
  • Community & Crowd
  • Algorithms
  • Leveraged Assets
  • Engagement


  • Interfaces
  • Dashboards
  • Experiments
  • Autonomy
  • Social

You will find all the current and past releases here:

Please visit any of the organizations in the ExO Ecosystem to learn more about their offerings:

ExO Foundation - Migrate Society to Abundance - ExO Works - Global Transformation of Business - Growth Institute - Education - ExO Lever - A Global Transformation Ecosystem - FluidChains - Blockchain Accelerator - Fastrack Institute - Acclerate Technology Into Society -