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Clone the repository:

git clone
cd badge-matrix

Install dependencies. Note that one of the dependencies is node-canvas, which has system requirements that must be satisfied outside of npm.

npm install

The file Verdana.ttf should ideally exist in the root of the repository (it’s used as the default font for measuring text width). But we can’t distribute it due to licensing, so you should place the file there yourself. A helper command is included:

npm run add-font

Then start the server:

npm run start

Deploy to Heroku

First associate the repository with an app.

Create a new app:

heroku create my-badges-app

…or if you already have one:

heroku git:remote -a my-badges-app

Then simply run:

npm run deploy

The deploy script will ensure that you have a heroku remote, set your app’s buildpack, and push.