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Interested in contributing? As an open source project, we'd appreciate any help and contributions! On top of the Exokit engine itself, you can also contribute to any related projects.

Join the Community on Slack

  1. Invite yourself to the Exokit Slack channel.
  2. Join the discussion!

Get Help or Ask a Question

If you're not sure how to do something with Exokit, please post a question (and any code you've tried so far) to Stack Overflow under the 'exokit' tag. Questions there will automatically create notifications in Slack, and are easier for others to find so new developers can learn from your questions too.

File an Issue

  1. Search the issue tracker for similar issues.
  2. Specify the version of Exokit in which the bug occurred.
  3. Specify information about your browser and system (e.g., "Exokit v0.0.420 on OS X")
  4. Describe the problem in detail (i.e., what happened and what you expected would happen).
  5. If possible, provide a small test case with CodePen, a link to your application, and/or a screenshot.

Contribute Code to Exokit

Check out the issues labeled help wanted (easy) or help wanted (hard) for good issues to tackle. Here's how to submit a pull request (PR):

  1. Have a GitHub account with SSH keys set up.
  2. Fork the repository on GitHub.
  3. Clone your fork of the repository locally (i.e., git clone
  4. Create a branch to work in (i.e., git checkout -b mybranch).
  5. Make changes to your fork of the repository, commit them, and push them (i.e., git add -A . && git commit -m 'My Changes (fixes #1234)' && git push origin mybranch).
  6. Submit a pull request to the master branch. If you head to the Exokit repository after running git push from earlier, you should see a pop up to submit a pull request.
  7. Address review comments if any.

As per usual with open source, you would agree to license your contributions under the MIT License.

Share your Work

  1. Create something awesome using Exokit.
  2. Publish your work to Github (and GitHub pages) so everyone can learn from your work.
  3. Share it on Slack, Twitter, etc.
  4. For bonus points, write and publish a case study to explain how you built it.

Update Documentation

If you catch a typo or error in the documentation, we'd greatly appreciate a pull request.

Add Examples to Documentation

We like to have simple and interesting Glitch examples listed on relevant documentation pages. Glitch lets people remix/fork examples and code right in the browser with live updates. If you have a Glitch that might be useful in the documentation, request to add it!

If a Glitch example needs to be updated for whatever reason, we can remix the Glitch and update the src URL.

Help Your Fellow Exokit users

On Slack

  1. Invite yourself to the Exokit Slack channel.
  2. Help answer questions that people might have and welcome new people.
  3. Redirect or cross-post questions to the Stack Overflow Exokit tag.

On GitHub

  1. Help respond to newly-filed GitHub issues
  2. Redirect developers to Stack Overflow if a question is filed rather than an issue.
  3. For extra points, cross-post and answer the question on Stack Overflow after redirecting!

Curate and Make Efforts Known

We round up all the cool stuff happening with Exokit on the blog.

Spread the Word

If you want to hold an event and talk about WebXR and Exokit, check out the presentation kit.

Thanks so much for contributing and helping grow WebXR!

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