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Ethereum smartcontracts
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EXO Token smart contract

Status: Contract deployed

Special contract method review

Token distribution from Cab

In addition to standard ERC20 methods, EXOToken smart contract support multiTransfer method for batch token distribution from CAB. This allows spend much less Gas and Time for this operation.
Method recieve two arrays as params:

  • array of addresses;
  • array of amounts for each address;
    Under the terms of the campaign, this method available just for initial token keeper account.
    Method verify:
  • number of adress array elements >0 and <=255 (due to Gas Limit per block);
  • length of two arrays are equal;
  • each element in array of addresses is not zero address;
  • sum of all elements in array of amounts not more then sender balance of tokens;
    !!! Address validation must be provided by the caller!!!

Method emit events:
Transfer - on each transfer in the batch;
BatchDistrib - with count and sum all transfers in the batch.
!!! It's strongly recommended for smart contract operator to catch and analysis these events for prevent token distribution errors.

Burn tokens

burn method is implemented in smart contract for ProofOfConnect functionality support.

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