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Cryptocurrency Demo

This project demonstrates how to bootstrap your own cryptocurrency with Java binding Exonum blockchain.

Exonum blockchain keeps balances of users and handles secure transactions between them.

It implements most basic operations:

  • Create a new user
  • Transfer funds between users

Install and Run


Getting Started

Be sure you installed necessary packages:

Build and Run

Build the service project:

$ cd exonum-java-binding/cryptocurrency-demo

$ mvn -P with-installed-app install 

Run the service:

$ ./

Install frontend dependencies:

$ cd ../../cryptocurrency-demo/frontend/

$ npm install

Build sources:

$ npm run build

Run the frontend application:

$ npm start -- --port=6040 --api-root= --explorer-root=

--port is a port for Node.JS app.

--api-root is a root URL of public API address of one of nodes.

--explorer-root is a root URL of public API address of blockchain explorer.

Ready! Find demo at

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