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eXo Platform Release Tooling
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This tools are provided to ease the release of all products involved in platform.


This tooling is targeting Linux platforms. We consider that you have a dedicated user account for that usage on a computer to deploy these tools.

On this host you need the following prerequisites :

  • Subversion command line tool
  • Git command line tool
  • Java Development Kit 1.6
  • OpenOffice Headless Server (used in documentations conversions)

Initialize the environment

This step has to be done once to prepare your environment.

Checkout in the root of your account the content of plf-release-tools from Git (We use an anonymous ssh access to github to initiate the process) :

git clone git://

Setup all softwares required and settings with :


Usage guide

At any moment you can update this set of tools with :

cd ~/plf-release-tools
git pull
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