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jobs: Angular JS demo app, with a clojure API

Ultra simple CRUD API, with a client-side, single-page Angular JS app. The stored model is meant to handle information for a job board.

The API exposes only 3 routes:

  • GET /jobs: retrieve jobs
  • POST /jobs: create a new job, an ID is assigned
  • DELETE /jobs/:id: deletes a job by ID

The app is served as un-minified static content, sources are available in the resources/public directory.

The Angular application is contained in a single file but provides a service, controller and router for a single page application.


This relies on leiningen, you will also need a working JDK and JRE.

lein uberjar

The resulting build artifact will be in target/cyanite-0.5.0-standalone.jar


Just run the artifact with java:

java -jar target/cyanite-0.5.0-standalone.jar

As an alternative, you can use leiningen:

lein run