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Watch mysql replication status and notify riemann of the output.



build dependencies (ubuntu names):

  • libmysclientclient-dev
  • protobuf-c-compiler
  • libprotobuf-c0-dev

run dependencies (ubuntu names):

  • libmysqlclient
  • libprotobuf-c0


For now, riemann-mysql is a source only distribution, you may build it on linux by running make and make install.

Package creation

run make package to build a debian package with fpm, you can override the snapshot type version by supplying a VERSION environment variable


The configuration file expects a simple key = value format, empty lines are ignored, lines starting with a hash are ignored.

The following configuration directives are valid:

  • hostname: hostname to use, otherwise, gethostbyname's result is used
  • interval: interval at which to run the query
  • delay: delay to add to the interval before marking an event as expired
  • tags: tags to add to the generated event
  • mysql_host: mysql host to contact
  • mysql_user: mysql user to connect as
  • mysql_password: mysql password to use
  • mysql_database: mysql database to bind to
  • mysql_port: tcp port the mysql instance lives on
  • riemann_host: host the riemann instance lives on
  • riemann_port: tcp port the riemann instance lives on


riemann-mysql bundles an upstart script, letting you interact with it using the service command.


This is a bare-bones release which makes the following assumptions:

  • you have a tcp-server running on your riemann instance
  • your mysql and riemann servers are reachable through ipv4