Android example with Portals user login
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Portals for Android

This Android app demonstrates logging in as an Exosite Portals user and accessing device data via the RPC API and Portals API.


To log in using the app, you need a Portals account username (i.e. your email) and password. Enter these on the first screen.

screenshot of login screenshot of signing in screenshot of device list

You'll see a list of devices in your default domain, along with what portal owns them. If you have an account on multiple Portals domains and want to select a different domain, slide from left to right to open the list of your domains.Click on one to load device list for it.

screenshot of device list

If you click on one of the devices in the device list, you'll see a list of its dataports and datarules, and the latest value for each one.

screenshot of device list


This application was built using Android Studio version 1.0.2. Building in Eclipse requires some manual steps.

1.) Clone the source

$ git clone AndroidPortals 

2.) Set up an Android device for development over USB (enable developer options, enable USB debugging)

3.) Set up PC for debugging (this varies by platform, see

4.) Open the project with Android Studio

5.) In Android Studio, select Build->Make Project

6.) Select Run->Run Demo

7.) Select your Android device. If you don't see your device, you may need to unplug it and plug it back in.

Known Issues

Release Guide

1.) Test (incl. in airplane mode)

2.) Update version number in preferences.xml and AndroidManifest.xml

3.) Build -> Generate Signed APK

5.) Commit and push in git

6.) Tag with version number and push that too


  • add timestamp to resource last value display. Maybe something like "n weeks/days/hours/minutes ago"