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PicoCoAP is a very minimal CoAP library written in C. The main goal of this library is to implement the CoAP protocol while using a little memory as possible.


  1. Safety
  • Above all, this library aims to be safe. All memory operations are done with explicitly stated bounds. In the event of a malformed packet it should fail safely.
  1. Completeness
  • This is intended to be a complete implementation of the protocol and tries not to make simplifications that are "usually" safe to make.
  1. Memory Usage
  • All operations try to use the absolute minimum amount of memory possible, while not violating the first two values, even at the expense of processing time. All operations are done on a buffers containing the actual message network binary representation for each method call.
  1. Simple API
  • This library should be able to be used by users who only have a basic understanding of the protocol. Terminology is intended to be simple, but does not invent new terms that the RFC already defines.


Currently only message encoding and decoding is currently implemented. I will be looking into creating a server that handles the actual sending and receiving of messages along with the associated retries and other protocol complexity. This may or may not ever be added.

As this is a new library there may be bugs, please report them. The best way is to open a pull request with a test case that shows the bug and better yet also a patch to fix it. Additionally, general comments about design and usability are also welcome.


A Minimal Implementation of CoAP Message Serialization and De-serialization in C




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