Python script to download and archive data from the One Platform
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======================================== About

This python script exports data from a single data source from the One Platform into a .csv file with the "Timestamp" in column 1 and "Data" in column 2.

License is BSD, Copyright 2011, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Built/tested with Python 2.6.5

======================================== Quick Start

(1) install python

(2) open a command line window and run the script

Where CIK: one platform client key
ALIAS: dataport alias

For example:
python e6df1111b014e902bcccf09aa758cddde0c47ce5 temp 01/29/2012 01/30/2012

======================================== More Information

--) CIK can be obtained by by logging into your account and navigating to manage/device page. Click on the device in the list you would like to export data from, and copy the KEY from the popup.
--) ALIAS is the data source (dataport) to export. This is the 'Resource' listed in the device popup 'Data List' section, or the 'Reporting As' from the manage/data popup.
--) SINCE is the start time to export, defaulted to 00:00:00
--) UNTIL is the end time of export, defaulted to 23:59:59

--) Notes

  • The .csv file exported will be called archive_data.csv. The process will overwrite any existing archive_data.csv file, so rename or move the file out of the exported folder if there are multiple data sources or time ranges to export.
  • The timestamp field is stored in format of seconds-since-epoch. For example,