Demo of Arduino hardware sending data to the cloud. It is a simple web based monitoring example for Arduino - really easy to put values captured by Arduino online .
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======================================== About arduino_http_post

This project is an super simple example of using an Arduino board to POST data to the cloud via Exosite. It assumes that your Arduino board has a Wiznet Ethernet shield connected.

License is BSD, Copyright 2011, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Tested with Arduino 22

======================================== Quick Start

  1. Download the Arduino toolchain and development environment
  1. Open the "arduino_http_post.pde" file from the Arduino software

  2. Edit the "PUTYOURCIKHERE" value in arduino_http_post.h to match your CIK value

  1. Edit the network values in arduino_http_post.h to match your network setup
  • e.g. ip, gateway, subnet
  1. In Portals (, add two DataSources to match the data resource numbers the code is using.
  1. In the Arduino software, compile and verify there are no errors

  2. Go to Tools->Serial Port and select the serial port your Arduino is connected to

  3. Go to File->Upload to I/O Board to upload the program

  4. After "Done uploading" is displayed, go to to see your data in the cloud!

  • HINT: Your Arduino must be connected to the Internet via the RJ-45 ethernet jack

For more information on this project and other examples, checkout our Exosite Garage github page at

======================================== Release Info

Release 2011-10-18

--) added file