Renesas RX62N Micrium OS cloud-connectivity projects.
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======================================== About uCOS-III-ExN

This project contains six Micrium uC/OS-III projects for the Renesas RX62N Renesas Development Kit (RDK) system. Every project includes cloud connectivity that does the following things:

  1. Runs a provisioning routine at startup to ensure the kit is authenticated
  2. Writes a "ping" value to the cloud
  3. Reads a "ledctrl" value from the cloud to control on-board LEDs
  4. Outputs cloud status on the LCD screen when any button held down for >2s
  5. Writes other values to the cloud (project specific)

License of all cloud-specific components is BSD, Copyright 2011, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Tested with HEW version, including:
Compiler KPIT GNURX [ELF] Toolchain v11.02 (7-20-2011)
Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) RX62N v3.00 Release 00 (6-15-2011 00:08:55)

======================================== Project Descriptions


  • Blinks the LEDs in different patterns


  • Reads from the temperature sensor and accelerometer
  • Sends data to the cloud as "temp" and "angle"


  • Runs MuTex, Semaphore and Message Queue tests (TX from one task, RX in other)


  • Implements a VFD (variable freqency drive) motor controller simulation
  • Uses a PWM signal as the motor drive and uses the on-board ADC to sample the resulting sine wave and calculate the frequency.
  • Sends the actual frequency and desired frequency to the cloud as "afreq" and "dfreq"


  • Micro "HTTPs" webserver


  • Audio playback demo - plays .wav files from SD card /Music folder

======================================== Quick Start

  1. Install the Micrium exectuable from the RDK DVD
  1. Install the KPIT GNURX Toolchain v.11.02 (if not already)
  1. Copy all files (if not already) into the path:
  • C:\Micrium\Software\EvalBoards\Renesas\YRDKRX62N\GNURX<br>
  1. Open workspace "GNURX.hws" and select your desired project as the "Current Project"
  • Default directory is: C:\Micrium\Software\EvalBoards\Renesas\YRDKRX62N\GNURX
  1. Compile and download -> check to see your data in the cloud!
  • HINT: Your RDK must be connected to the Internet via the RJ-45 ethernet jack
  • HINT: If your network does not support DHCP, you will need to set static values

For more information on this project and other examples, reference the online documentation at

======================================== Release Info


--) Made vendor a parameter for Exosite_Init

Release 2011-12-13

--) Added vendor information to the provision function

Release 2011-11-09

--) Move all .Mot files to Download page

Release 2011-11-08

--) Added Ex1~Ex6 .Mot file for user OOBE download

--) Micrium added support for an Audio Demonstration kit on Ex6

Release 2011-10-27

--) minor update to show MAC address on Ex1~Ex5
--) minor update to hide cloud status on Ex6
--) minor update to add key press "SW1+SW2+SW3" for cloud status on Ex6

Release 2011-09-19

--) added all 6 Micrium Example projects

Release 2011-09-14

--) minor updates to support latest Micrium RX release

Release 2011-09-11

--) must push switch buttons to display cloud status

Release 2011-09-05

--) added auto device provisioning
--) abstracted library interface

Release 2011-08-31

--) initial cloud-enabled version