Renesas RX63N Micrium project demonstrating cloud connectivity.
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======================================== About RX63N Micrium uCOS-III-ExN

This project contains one Micrium uC/OS-III project for the Renesas RX63N Renesas Development Kit (RDK) system. The project includes cloud connectivity that does the following things:

  1. Runs a provisioning routine at startup to ensure the kit is authenticated
  2. Writes a "ping" value to the cloud
  3. Reads a "led_ctrl" value from the cloud to control on-board LEDs
  4. Outputs cloud status on the LCD screen
  5. Outputs MAC address & IP address on the LCD after boot

License of all cloud-specific components is BSD, Copyright 2012, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Tested with HEW version, including:
Compiler RX Stander Toolchain v1.2.0.0 (7-20-2011)
Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) RX63N Rev 2

======================================== Project Descriptions


  • Blinks the LEDs in different patterns

======================================== Quick Start

  1. Install C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family V.1.02 Release 00
  1. Download Micrium ports on the RX63N
  1. Extract the Micrium ports to c:\

  2. Download the repository as a zip file and extract the file into the path:

  3. Rename the extracted folder as "RX63N_EXAMPLE"

  4. Open workspace "RX63N_EXAMPLE.hws"

  5. Compile and download -> check to see your data in the cloud!

  • HINT: Your RDK must be connected to the Internet via the RJ-45 ethernet jack
  • HINT: If your network does not support DHCP, you will need to set static values

======================================== Release Info

Release 2012-03-15

--) Integrate project with new Micrium ports

Release 2012-02-23

--) initial cloud-enabled version