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Pre-Release Warning

This library is a release candidate. While we beleive it to work and be feature complete it has not undergone thorough testing so there may be instability and some parts of it may not work properly under certain circumstances. Feel free to submit issues if you come across any problems.

About the Exosite Particle Library

This library allows you to quickly and easily connect your Particle project directly to Exosite's cloud data platform. See the examples folder for example use. We suggest starting with the ReadWriteString example if you are new to Exosite's platform.

Note: A free account on exosite portals is required: https://portals.exosite.com

Tested on a Particle Photon

License is BSD 3-Clause, Copyright 2015, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)



Exosite(Client *_client);
Exosite(char *_cik, Client *_client);
Exosite(String _cik, Client *_client);

_cik: This is used to hard code the CIK into the device can either be a char[] or a String type. This parameter can be omitted when using provisioning.

_client: This is the interface to what ever network device you're using. On the current Particle Photon it will always be a TCPClient.


boolean Exosite::writeRead(char* writeString, char* readString, char** returnString)
boolean Exosite::writeRead(String writeString, String readString, String &returnString)

writeString: This sets the values to write to certain datasources. eg. "alias3=value3&alias4=value4"

readString: This selects which datasources to read by their alias. eg. "alias1&alias2"

returnstring: This is the string returned with the values requested in readString. eg. "alias1=value1&alias2=value2"


boolean Exosite::provision(char* vendorString, char* modelString, char* snString);

vendorString: The string that identifies the device vendor name.

modelString: The string that identifies the device unique model ID.

snString: The string that identifies the device's serial number.