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About flash tool

This project is a simple tool for the Renesas RX62N RDK. The project functionality shows MAC address and Exosite CIK then provides a menu on the LCD to:
1) Clear MAC address in internal data flash
2) Write MAC address to internal data flash
3) Reset Exosite-meta block in internal flash

License of flash_tool is BSD, Copyright 2011, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Tested with HEW version, including:
C/C++ compiler package for RX family V.1.01 Release 00 (6-14-2011 21:50:37)
Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) RX62N v3.00 Release 00 (6-15-2011 00:08:55)

Quick Start

1) Install HEW, the RX toolchain and the RDK demo projects

2) Open the flash_tool.hws project workspace with HEW

3) Edit the "flash_tool.c" line 24:NEW_MAC[6] value to match your MAC address

  • HINT: RX62N RDK users can find the MAC address in the back of the board

4) Compile and download -> Press 'SW1' to select function and 'SW2' to excute

  • HINT: Your Rx62n RDK must be connected to the PC

Release Info

Release 2011-11-16

--) initial version