Synapse node code for creating wireless networks connected to the cloud.
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======================================== About synapse_nodes

The synapse_nodes project is a collection of example SNAPPY scripts meant for deployment on wirelesss nodes using the Synapse Wireless SNAP communications stack. The nodes are setup to communicate on a specific channel and each node, including the master node, has its own Client Interface Key (CIK) identifier. CIKs for the nodes must be obtained from Exosite's data platform via the API or manually via the online Exosite Portals web dashboards. The master node aggregates remote node data and passes the remote node data through to a gateway connected to the master node's serial port.

License is BSD, Copyright 2011, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

--) Tested deployment of scripts with Synapse PORTAL version 2.4.17
--) Tested functionality on Synapse wireless node model RF100 (FW version 2.4.9)
--) Verified master node with gateways:
(1) v2011-09-15
(2) Fluid Gateway, firmware "fluid_synapse_gateway" v2011-06-08

For more information on Exosite API and examples, reference Exosite online documentation at

======================================== Quick Start

(1) Get a node CIK for each node from your Exosite account. Go to your Exosite account in Portals ( and add a new device using the following information:
Device Type: Generic
Device Timezone: ---> Select your timezone
Device Location: ---> Provide any descriptive location
Device Name: ---> Any name you want to provide

For additional documentation on adding a new device:

(2) Open the SNAP script in this project that you want to program to a SNAP node and modify the NODECIKHEREFROMEXOSITEPLATFORM to be the 40 character CIK your new device was given in Exosite Portals.

(3) Open Synapse Portal on a PC and connect to a SNAP Stick USB module.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the SNAP node in the SNAP stick USB module is configured to use the same group as the remote nodes

(4) Power on remote nodes and execute a "Broadcast PING" in the Synapse Portal. This will "find" all active nodes and list them in the Node Views box.

(5) In Synapse Portal, select the remote node to be programmed in the Node Views box.

(6) Click "Upload SNAPPy Image" button in the Node Info box and select the node image in this project that the node will be programmed with.

(7) Attach a node with the "" script to a supported gateway and ensure power is on for the master node, the gateway and the remote nodes.

(8) Login to Exosite Portals and verify the "new device" you created in step 1 is receiving data

======================================== Release History


--) updated comments regarding alias creation


--) updated nodes to use NV param for group-based communications


--) initial release