Utility scripts written in Python that have examples for device, management, UI and administrative interaction with the Exosite One Platform.




These are examples of how to interact with Exosite's APIs. Generally as developers ask about different APIs and aspects of them, we try to build and example or test script that shows how it works.

Generally these are all python scripts, but there is no specific reason that we wouldn't post other code using another language, if we feel it would be useful for developers to look. License is BSD, Copyright 2012, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Python Scripts: Built/tested with Python 2.7 or will specifically call out the version in the script notes.

We try to make these scripts / examples stand-alone but make notes if not.

Scripts may require certain modules / libraries to be installed, and are noted as best possible.

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For Python (.py) scripts:

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