.NET bindings to Exosite One Platform API (JSON RPC) over HTTP
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======================================== About clronep

This project is a C# binding to the to the Exosite One Platform API. The API is exposed over HTTP in a JSON RPC style interface. The solution creates a Common Language Runtime dll for use by .NET applications that wish to interact with Exosite's One Platform.

Recommend using with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.

License is BSD, Copyright 2015, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

======================================== Quick Start

Tested with Visual Studio 2015 (Windows) and MonoDevelop 2.4/Mono 2.6.7 (Windows/Linux).

--) Example test project in the ./clronep/clronep.examples/ folder
--) API documentation in the ./clronep/docs/ folder

For more information on the API and examples, reference Exosite online documentation at http://exosite.com/developers/documentation.

======================================== Release Info

Release 0.8

--) Update to .NET Framework 4.6
--) Update examples to default to HTTPS

Release 0.7

--) Add provisioning support and example
--) Add UI for examples
--) Update listing RPC method, keeping backwards compatibility

Release 0.6

--) Add writegroup RPC method, update tests accordingly
--) Add recordbatch
--) Add usage
--) Add wait and example test

Release 0.5

--) Add proxy and connect_as support in in OnepV1
--) Modify OnepV1 listing call to take empty options
--) Update all OnepV1 calls that take an RID to take RID as object or a string
--) Remove support for the comment RPC which was deprecated in One Platform

Release 0.4

--) Support .NET compact framework 3.5

Release 0.3

--) Updated JSON.Net dll to use .NET 3.5 version
--) Added "layer 2" methods to batch together commonly used functionality
--) Support for API change in "aliases" return format
--) Updated example application for API and layer-2 methods

Release 0.2

--) added example application
--) NOTE: Due to using JSON.Net dll for .NET 2.0 (for best compatibility), the projects generate some related warnings when built against .NET 3.5.

Release 0.1

--) initial version