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Device Sensor Quickstart

Welcome to the Device Sensor Quickstart!

This application is written as a basic HTML/JavaScript app with Murano Solution event handlers, routes, modules, and static assets. This example is intended to be minimal with only a few endpoints and rendering requirements.

This is a simple demonstration to provide access to devices associated with a basic solution while exercising all the available endpoints. After devices are created and activated you will see information about each device in the "Available Devices" section.

Using This Example

Clone this repository.

git clone
cd device-sensor-example

To deploy this application, first create a solution in Exosite Murano. Then create a Product in the Exosite Murano.

Install the murano command line tool. Then initialize the project with your solution id and product id using the following commands (where XXXXXX is your respective identifier):

murano config XXXXXX
murano config XXXXXX
murano config XXXXXX
murano -V syncup --all
murano assign set

Navigate to your solution web application at an address similar to:

Information about the available API endpoints is accessible at the /docs URL of your deployed solution (e.g.,