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Version 2.0 - Proxy and Upgrade Support

Major update to the Veeam cookbook with full testing against Chef client 14.0.202. This update includes two new custom resources - VeeamProxy and VeeamUpgrade. Along with the new resources, a complete refactor of existing resources was completed to consolidate the helper methods into a single library.


  • Veeam Backup and Replication ProxyServer deployments
  • Support for automatic Veeam Backup and Replication component Updates
  • Refactor of existing Custom Resources and Helper Library

Information on new resources:

  • VeeamProxy - Configures a Windows server as either a VMware or HyperV Backup Proxy by connecting to the Veeam Backup and Replication server via the Veeam PowerShell toolkit. This resource will add a Veeam credential object if one does not exist and then register the server as a Proxy Type.
  • VeeamUpgrade - The process to perform upgrades requires that the appropriate installation media is provided which contains the updates from Veeam. This cookbook will initiate an upgrade if the currently installed versions are less than the desired Build version as defined by the attribute node['veeam']['build']. When the installed version does not match the requested build version, the process will mount the ISO or extract the ZIP that contains the update and then perform an automatic upgrade of each service installed on the host.

Major Updates:

  • Veeam::Helper refactor
  • SQL Express installation via Windows Scheduled task (resolves issues with remote builds on domain joined servers)

This cookbook is not officially supported by Veeam Software

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