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This is the conexp-clj community wiki. It may serve both as discussion board for conexp-clj in particular, and for FCA software in general.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Basic Notation and Syntax
  3. Tutorials
    1. Compute the Canonical Base from a Formal Context that is given in CSV Format
  4. Basic Usage
    1. Creating and Working with Formal Contexts
    2. Concept Lattices
    3. IO
    4. Implications
    5. Exploration
    6. Scaling Many-Valued Contexts
  5. Advanced Usage
    1. Factorizing Formal Contexts
    2. Fuzzy FCA in conexp-clj
  6. Use cases of conexp-clj
    1. A Formal Context of Functions
    2. Context of All Permutations on a Finite Set
    3. The Tamari Lattice
  7. Other Features
    1. Using conexp-clj from sage
    2. Calling conexp-clj functions from Java
  8. API documentation

FCA Software Interoperatbility

There is a huge amount of FCA software out there (see http://www.upriss.org.uk/fca/fcasoftware.html), which however performs poorly on the level of interoperability. To change this, this wiki is provided as discussion board on common standards.

FCA Software Interoperability Wiki