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This release is compiled against DevExpress.XAF v19.1.5.
Big thanks for their contribution to:
apobekiaris, david0villa, genetsEvgen, gerritmulder, jacobdeboer33, joserussi, krombipils, nurbed, rSeeFip, vimarx,


  1. #500 ScheduledWorkflowLaunchHistory very slow when large collection
  2. #503 #478 #474 Fix RichEditWinPropertyEditor issues
  3. #495 ImportWizard: Fails to load
  4. #493 Move CustomizeASPxPopupController to System.Web
  5. #492 ModelDifference: throws on startup if ModelMapper not found installed
  6. #489 EditModelController throws MissingMethodException when closing ModelEditor
  7. #488 ModelMapper fails to load at design time
  8. #473 FilteredMasterObjectViewController breaks XAF lookupfiltering, replace DataSourceCriteriaAttribute with MasterObjectDataSourceCriteriaAttribute

The msi installer is replaced with the powershell XpandPwsh module.
To install artifacts you can use either the Install-Xpand function or copy paste the next line in an Admin powershell prompt.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force;iex "$(([System.Net.WebClient]::new()).DownloadString(''));Install-Xpand -Assets @('Assemblies','Nuget','VSIX','Source')  #-Version '19.1.503.0' -SkipGac -InstallationPath 'YOURPATH'"

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