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Luna Wallet Changes
We have made some major design modification to Luna wallet to integrate the exchange. Please note you will find all wallet functionalities (accounts, send, receive, transactions and tokens) in the wallet section. Token Lab and Smart Contract sections have the features that very already present in the Luna wallet.

EXPEX Overview
EXPEX is a decentralized exchange that runs on a smart contract on expanse network. Currently listed tokens are PEX and LAB; both expanse ERC-20 tokens, with further maturity, we plan to add more tokens , other network tokens and also support different token types.
In order to start trade on EXPEX a user must follow the steps given below:

EXP to WEXP Conversion.
In order to start trading select EXPEX item from side menu and then select a wallet account from top right corner of the screen.
After this the first thing you need to do is to get yourself some WEXP (Wrapped EXP) which are equivalent to EXP in value but allow EXP to be tradable with ERC-20 tokens.

Allowance for Buy/Sell Orders
Once your done with converting you can proceed to the marketplace by selecting a token from the token list. You will see a complete view of the marketplace.
In order to place a buy order (bid) you need to make an allowance transaction of WEXP which gives confirmation on exchange to trade on your behalf.
Similarly in order to place a sell order you need to make an allowance transaction of the token you want to sell.
Allowance transaction can be done once for any value you want to allow you ease of trade.

Order Placement

Once you have a significant amount in allowance you can place a buy or sell order on the exchange by entering price and amount.
Your order transaction once placed and confirmed will be shown to you in open orders section under My Orders tab.
Other users will see your order in the order book which has buy order on the left and sell orders on the right of order placement screen.

Order Matching
If the price of your order matches another order the orders will be matched and you will receive respective tokens in exchange of the ones you have.
If the amount of matching order is less than the amount you have entered the order will be fulfilled and you will be shown the percentage of the fulfillment in open orders.
Trade against each order will be shown in my trade history tab.
Other users will be able to view trades being made in the market history section of the market.
Price Chart
The exchange has price monitoring candlestick chart that shows users the values of the trades being done.
Trade Fees & Balance Security
The exchange has no trading fees and the only fee you will pay is the network transaction fee. EXPEX doesn't take any profit for ourselves during trade, allowance, or other conversions.
In addition your balance remains safe inside your account since all private keys are known by users only.

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