Various examples on how to use Doc Raptor
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Doc Raptor Examples Repository

This is a repository of examples in various languages on how to use and integrate with Doc Raptor. Doc Raptor is a web service for easily and quickly generating Excel or PDF files without tendious syntax or extra server requirements.

What does this examples repo contain?


  1. Curl example, for the real nuts & bolts look

  2. A plain Ruby example, using the DocRaptor gem

  3. A more complicated Ruby on Rails example, showing how to use the service with controllers/views as well as Paperclip

  4. A simple PHP example (using the pecl_http php extension)

  5. Javascript examples for Prototype.js and jQuery; whichever strikes your fancy

  6. An interactive .NET C# / WPF example

  7. An HTML example with complicated excel styling and layout

  8. A CLI .NET C# example

  9. A Ruby example showcasing the async options

Example Outputs

  1. doc_raptor_sample.pdf - produced by the curl, plain ruby, and php examples

  2. doc_raptor_sample.xls - produced by the curl, plain ruby, and php examples

  3. excel_styling/example1.xls - produced by sending the contents of excel_styling/example1.html to DocRaptor

Other Libraries