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Author Info

Author Info provides additional information about the author of a Channel entry. It is intended for use within a standard {exp:channel:entries} tag, or equivalent.

Example Usage

{exp:channel:entries channel='example'}
  {exp:author_info entry_id='{entry_id}'}

    <dt>Author Email</dt>

    <dt>Author Group ID</dt>

    <dt>Author Is Admin?</dt>
    <dd>{if author:is_admin}Big Cheese{if:else}Little Minion{/if}</dd>

    <dt>Author Member ID</dt>

    <dt>Author Screen Name</dt>

    <dt>Author Username</dt>


The Author Info tag accepts a single mandatory parameter, entry_id.

Single Variables

The following single variables are available for use within the Author Info tag pair.

author:email : The Member's email address.

author:group_id : The Member's Member Group ID.

author:is_admin : TRUE if the Member has Control Panel access, FALSE otherwise.

author:member_id : The Member's ID.

author:screen_name : The Member's Screen Name.

author:username : The Member's Username.

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