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Setup for the whole seosnap stack including dashboard, cache server and cache warmer used for prerendering and full page caching PWA's.


For usage

  • Download and Extract from
  • Run ./ or create a .env file manually
  • Start the Seosnap stack with docker-compose up

For development

# Clone
cd ~
git clone --recursive seosnap
# Configure
make install
# Start server
make up


Logs directory ./logs

Cache directory ./cache

Run cache warmer

Make sure you have created a website via dashboard

make cachewarmer 
make warm A="cache <website id>"

Sync pages

To sync the sitemap pages to the SeoSnap database

make warm A="sync <website id>"


To run the cache warmer multiple time

make thread A="cache <website id>"


Check the nginx.conf in the example folder


check the crontab.txt the example folder and use the &

  • cachewarmer - create your own and update the healthchecks url and the website ids
  • healthchecks - Just replace the with your ping URL & change to your PWA homepage
  • backups - there is an example cron which will make a backup of the cache files
  • docker volumes cleanup - as you can see in the the rendertron container will be restarted for performance so we need to clean that up

How it works



In the dashboard you add the website url along with the website sitemap that you want to make 'SeoSnaps' off.

Crawler / Cache Warmer

When the crawler is started it connects with the dashboard api. It uses scrapy to crawl the sitemap. The scrapy results are send to the administration/dashboard. Scrapy requests are send to the cache server. In a similar way that you would do a request to rendertron.

DEPRECATED - Cache Server

The cache server is a simple file caching server. If a file exist with the content of the page it serves the html from the file. If not, it renders the requested url with rendertron and saves the html output in a file. To refresh the cache the cache-warmer uses PUT requests instead of GET. This will force update from the cache file.

Rendertron Server

Rendertron + Cache is added and will replace the SeoSnap Cache Server

Recommended Rendertron config has been set in rendertron-config.json

Built with