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Example implementation of the graph-based RBAC pipeline
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Entitlements in Real-Time

This repository is the accompanying proof-of-concept implementation to the "Entitlements in Real-Time" blog post located here.

There is a docker-compose file for getting up and running with MariaDB, a Confluent cluster, and a TigerGraph instance. Note the POC used a m5a.4xlarge EC2 instance to run all the docker services. You may be able to use something smaller though.


  1. Run all the containers up with docker-compose up -d
  2. Run the database schema create SQL in LDAP.sql in PhpMyAdmin (localhost:3307) or some other interface.
  3. Create the JDBC Source Connectors in Control Center (localhost:9021) or through the REST API. Images for Control Center are located in the images folder, and the JSON configs are located in the kafka-connect folder.
  4. Create the topics as well (ldap-roles, ldap-parties, ldap-party_roles).
  5. Enter into the tigergraph container.
  6. Run gadmin start. This starts up TigerGraph.
  7. Run gsql /home/tigergraph/entitlements.gsql. This creates the schema and loading jobs.
  8. Run gsql to enter the GSQL console.
> USE GRAPH Entitlements
> RUN LOADING JOB load_resources
> RUN LOADING JOB real_time_loader

real_time_loader will continue to run in the foreground of the GSQL shell

  1. Run the SQL inserts
  2. Open up GraphStudio at localhost:14240 and navigate through your graph.
  3. Run the SQL updates and reload GraphStudio to make sure it caught the updates to the graph.
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