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Conway's game of life

This is a basic implementation of Conway's game of life in common lisp. I wrote this while learning common lisp because I wanted a tiny project I could use to check out the ncurses bindings available in cl. Thus, this little program uses cl-charms to output to the terminal.

There are a ton of interesting structures available for game of life. While looking around I found this glossary. I removed anything which isn't actually a pattern and saved the rest in the file patterns. This program treats the glossary as data and we can instantiate any patterns in that list.


sbcl --load game-of-life.lisp <name-of-pattern> <simulation duration in seconds>

Any spaces in the name of the pattern has to be replaced with a -. The default duration for the simulation is 20s.

sbcl --load game-of-life.lisp cis-boat-with-tail 30 will display the cis-boat with tail pattern for 30s.

By replacing the pattern name with the secret keyword all a loop is started which loops through all the available patterns.