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Expfactory Library


This is the library of official experiments provided by the Experiment Factory. You can browse the experiment table or obtain the resource programmatically.

How to Contribute

Adding experiments to the core expfactory family is a process centered around pull requests (PRs). Before contributing an experiment, the following questions are important to consider:

  • is this experiment generally useful to the larger community? For example, a new task would be useful, but a slightly modified stroop would be better served from your own repository.
  • Once you experiment is added to the library, you as the author are responsible for keeping it up to date and responding to issues, of course with help from our team. Updates will follow the same process.


If you browse the library folder, you'll find simple markdown files that point to experiment repositories. These repositories are tested, and after passing, are added to the library manifest and thus available programmatically.

Automatically Generated Container Recipe

The application recipes folder is set up to build recipes that contain all experiments with a particular tag (meaning the markdown file in the _library) folder has some term under tags in the header. If you have a particular set of experiments with a common tag that you want a recipe automatically generated for, add a new file here.

Custom Container Recipe

If you've generated your own custom recipe and want to share, we recommend you have the container automatically built on Singularity Hub. That way, anyone can pull your container on demand.

For details about all of these kinds of contributions, please see our complete documentation. Thanks for stopping by!