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Experiment Factory Battery

All experiments are run through the exp_hub.html. The list of experiments are defined and loaded by load_experiments.js

Full instructions will be provided shortly for generating new experiments.

General points when making experiments:

  • Each experiment should end with an X_experiment jspsych array.
  • Each trial of each experiment should be tagged with a "exp_id" indicating the experiment it belongs to.
  • More general identification (like "fixation") should be defined in "trial_id" if need be. Generally only used when more detailed descriptors aren't applicable (like condition, direction, etc.). Best practice to include it regardless.
  • Currently 'condition' is used generically for every experiment. This will make the data output simpler, but means that you have to know what "condition" means in the context of the experiment. This is recorded for each experiment in the meta-data.

For easy reading, set up each experiment in this way:

  /* ************************************ */
  /* Define helper functions */
  /* ************************************ */

  /* ************************************ */
  /* Define experimental variables */
  /* ************************************ */

  /* ************************************ */
  /* Set up jsPsych blocks */
  /* ************************************ */

If you are looking for version 2.0 of the Experiment Factory (reproducible containers) see the expfactory software.