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Experiment Factory ❤️ LabJS

If you want to make your own experiment interactively, LabJS can help you!


Quick Resources

And below you can find a concise version of the documentation, for keeping with the codebase.

Design Your Experiment

Take a look at the getting started section of the file linked in the main repository. There is ample documentation about a started kit, along with a tutorial to build your first experiment. You will use the LabJS builder interface to design your experiment, and when you finish, the Experiment Factory (v3.0) is an export option:


This will export a zip file of all the files needed to plug into the Experiment Factory! To help you learn and get started, we are providing an example export of a Stroop task in this folder. We will walk through the basic steps to get this experiment running in your experiment container.

1. Export and Extract

Let's first extract the exported experiment. It will dump the required files into a folder in the present working directory.


Take a look at the config.json in the folder. It will provide metadata exported about your experiment, and you can customize this if needed before building your container.

cat stroop-task/config.json 
  "name": "Stroop task",
  "exp_id": "stroop-task",
  "url": "",
  "description": "An implementation of the classic paradigm introduced by Stroop (1935).",
  "contributors": [
    "Felix Henninger <> ("
  "template": "lab.js",
  "instructions": "",
  "time": 5

If at this point you want to contribute your experiment to the experiment's library, we highly encourage this so others can use it too! It comes down to adding it to a Github repository, and submitting a pull request. Read instructions here.

2. Build

We now will recruit the builder to turn our folder into a reproducible experiment container!

docker run -v $PWD:/data vanessa/expfactory-builder build /data/stroop-task

Yes, it's going to give you a warning that you are building without a repository.

WARNING 1 local installs detected: build is not reproducible without experiment folders
Expfactory Version: 3.1
local experiment /data/stroop-task found, validating...
LOG Recipe written to /data/Dockerfile

You will notice a Dockerfile in the present working directory, and it's there because we mapped the /data folder in the container to it. It will also give you the command to build your image! You can change the container name to be whatever you like. Let's call it vanessa/stroop:

To build, cd to directory with Dockerfile and:
              docker build --no-cache -t expfactory/experiments .

$ docker build --no-cache -t vanessa/stroop .

3. Run

And that's it! You can now start and run your container, and there are many ways to do that. Here is a simple headless start:

docker run -d -p 80:80 vanessa/stroop start

and you will see the familiar interface to choose your task and get started. Have fun!


Note that we are fixing a bug with submission of the data, and it will be resolved soon.


example of how to import a labjs experiment into a reproducible experiments container




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