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Nobody ever comes in... and nobody ever comes out...

And that's the way that reproducible behavioral experiments should be: designed, captured, and used again with assurance of running the same thing. The Experiment Factory software will help you create a reproducible container to deploy behavioral experiments. Want to jump right in? Choose one of our demo containers, and browse to localhost:

docker run -p 80:80 vanessa/expfactory-games start
docker run -p 80:80 vanessa/expfactory-surveys start
docker run -p 80:80 vanessa/expfactory-experiments start

Next, read more about generation of your own experiment container. Please give feedback about your needs to further develop the software. The library will show you a selection to choose from, including all experiments, surveys, and games migrated from the legacy Expfactory. If you have web-based experiments to contribute, please reach out! Your contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated!

User Guide

  • Building your battery means creating and configuring your image.
  • Using an experiment factory container.
  • Contribute an experiment to the library for others to use.
  • Integrations including automated experiment testing robots, generators, and third party tools.


  • Browse our available experiments [json].
  • Generate a custom container from our Library, or
  • Recipes view a pre-generated recipe based on tags in the library.