Pre-compiled proxmark3 firmware with LF standalone emulation and LF standalone cloning also included is a version of proxbrute ported to latest code with a CDC bootloader and Iceman's Fork as well as Easy Flasher tool
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This repository is maintained by Corey Harding from

This is a collection of precompiled firmware for the Proxmark3.
The version number of each firmware can be found in /firmware/WHATEVER-FIRMWARE/README.MD

Included Firmware:
1)Stock firmware with HF standalone mode
2)"Modded" firmware with LF standalone emulation/cloning
3)Proxbrute ported to the new CDC bootloader/current firmware(Standalone Brute Forcer)
4)Matty's Mifare Standalone Mode
5)Iceman's Fork
6)Marshmellow's Fork
7)federicodotta's Fork(HID Corporate 1000 Standalone Brute Forcer)
9)Custom User Defined Firmware(Put your firmware in this folder)

I recommend using the Windows "Easy Flasher" tool I wrote for switching between firmware.
Although I have also included a precompiled linux version of the flasher as well for 64bit Debian machines(Kali Rolling-Edition).

Firmware specific client's may be found bundled in the corresponding firmware's folder. They are compiled for Kali Rolling-Edition 64bit. There is also the Windows GUI client included at "\firmware\official-firmware-with-client\win32\Proxmark Tool.exe"

If the flash utilities I included are missing any dependencies you can download the precompiled Windows client from: When using tool from link replace /firmware_win/fullimage.elf with the fullimage WHATEVER version and /firmware_win/bootrom.elf with the bootrom WHATEVER version from this repo

Instructions for using LF standalone emulation/cloning/proxbrute mode on the elechouse RDV2 and standard version of the proxmark3 can be found at: