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The Faces of Explo

Author: Donald L. Merand

This is the source code for this page. Sometimes you get an idea ("What would happen if we merged all of our 1300 ID photos into one photo?"), and you have to run with it.

I thought you might like to see the development process behind the page. I used this page as an opportunity to learn how to use a Rakefile to help automate deployment. I'm particularly proud of the part where the CoffeeScript and the SCSS are automatically watched and compiled as you code them. Also interesting: the tasks to deploy using rsync and the task to prepare images for the web using the ImageMagick mogrify utility.

I owe a debt to the Google HTML/CSS Style Guide, from which I learned a whole slew of interesting things for this project. Did you know that you don't need to close a <p> tag in HTML5?

By the way, I posted the utility I used to do the image merging as a GitHub Gist, which you can find here.


What happens when you merge 1300 photo IDs into one?




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