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Welcome to the Exploratoria home page!

Exploratoria is a GitHub Organization. Feel free to request an invitation to join.



  • To devise free, open source scripts that help visualize and further understanding of scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical (STEM) concepts

  • To supply simple yet powerful scripts that help engineers and designers to create experiments without having to be dedicated software 'full stack programmers'

  • To help youngsters and oldsters delve into new topics with a hands-on, active, 'I can play with this' approach

  • To create apps that work not just on computers but also on mobile devices such as phones and tablets


  • To help envision new types of visualizations

  • To help people understand, tackle and push the envelope with increasingly complicated tasks based on the scientific method


The intention is to provide scripts dealing with the following categories:

Noticeably absent are categories pertaining to computers, the Internet, digital media and the like. This website uses technology to explain, show and demonstrate the physical and theoretical aspects of our world. It attempts to achieve the best of what technology should do in the real world.

Exhibits Read Me - web page view
Exhibits Read Me - source code view


Short coding samples - also called snippets - solutions to common tasks, 'presented in detail so that the users who are not necessarily expert in the field can produce workable results'.

Cookbook - web page view
Cookbook - source code view


These are the files we use to build this web site. You can use them too.

Templates - web page view
Templates - source code view


Supporting files and miscellaneous utilities

Library - web page view
Library - source code view

ideas ~ notes ~ talk