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HTML is the fundamental markup language for webpages.
GitHub Universe 2023

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GitHub Universe 2023

November 08, 2023 - November 09, 2023 • San Francisco

Universe brings together the world’s developers, enterprise leaders, and security professionals for two days of interactive sessions on AI, security, and DevEx. November 8-9 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco and online.
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Code Review Doctor

Python and Django code review tool that offers the fix right inside your PR

  • Fix more bugs during code review before they are merged
  • Reduce the toil of code review and prevent mistakes
  • Improve team agility through better code quality
  • Up-skill junior developers with learning resources
  • Enhance the security and improve performance of your Django website
  • Setup in 10 seconds and nothing to install or update
  • Airtight privacy policy and security guaranteed

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The best and simplest free open source website change detection, restock monitor and notification service. Restock Monitor, change detection. Designed for simplicity - Simply monitor which websites had a text change for free. Free Open source web page change detection, Website defacement monitoring, Price change and Price Drop notification

  • Updated Sep 25, 2023
  • Python

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AccessLint brings automated web accessibility testing into your development workflow. When a pull request is opened, AccessLint reviews the changes and comments with any new accessibility issues, giving you quick, timely, and targeted feedback, before code goes live.