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Game Bytes · February 2024

Game Bytes

Dive into the world of gamedev with our latest Game Bytes! From the ultimate evil wizard simulator to multiplayer metro madness, discover the freshest game engine updates, game jams, and open source marvels on GitHub. Game on!

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Nim is a statically typed, compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language.
World Summit AI Conference

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World Summit AI Conference

April 24, 2024 - April 25, 2024 • Montreal, Canada

The world's leading AI summit for the Americas that brings together the global AI ecosystem

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Get back your time with Buddy’s delivery pipelines that eliminate repeatable tasks in your daily development.

Automatically build & ship web projects on a single git push, on click, or recurrently. Easily define your own delivery process just like you build a house of bricks: from builds and tests, to deployments, custom scripts, and website monitoring.

Bring the newest tech to your team’s stack with native Docker support: containers, microservices, Kubernetes deployments, and more.

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TestQuality is the #1 Test Case Creation and Management app for GitHub Workflows. TestQuality extends your Github DevOps workflow to provide powerful and modern GitHub issue powered test case creation and management. TestQuality integrates with GitHub, Jira, Selenium, Jenkins, Cloudbees, Cucumber, JUnit and more to complement your entire DevOps workflow.